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SMART Goals for Wellness and Fitness

To work towards improving one' wellness and health, it is important to consider SPECIFIC goals, MEASURE your progress, aim for expectations that are ACHIEVABLE, consider a REALISTIC approach on how to meet your goals, and begin with a TIMELY schedule to set certain boundaries for success.

Here are some SMART options to consider as you build towards your wellness goals

Mindfulness is great for your overall health, it helps you to understand your daily needs which can lead to relieving stress, lowering your blood pressure, improving sleep, reducing chronic pain, etc. It is also believed that it helps with things such as self-control, mental clarity, and even the ability to relate to others through acceptance, compassion, and kindness.

Having a Healthy Diet ensures that you have a lower chance of developing any health issues in the long run. Adapting to healthy food choices is important for individual well-being since it provides you with the energy and nutrients you need throughout the day.

Being Active can be very beneficial to improve your mental health, managing your weight, and even strengthening your muscles and bones. There are certain physical activities such as walking that help to maintain your overall health. There are countless benefits of walking including increasing cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness, reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke, as well as reducing unhealthy body fats. Another great exercise to consider is Aerobic which can help to control your breathing, strengthen your heart, and increase stamina, fitness, and strength. Examples of aerobic exercises include swimming, water aerobics, cycling, walking, running, and dancing.

Developing a well-balanced SMART goal for yourself can take some time. Staying focused on certain health habits such as eating healthy and physical activities can help reduce health risks such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Create a routine that works for your daily lifestyle and start the journey towards a better health.

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