• Tanika


A core strength exercise for the abdominal muscles using push-up techniques.


  • Place your forearms on the ground. Straighten your legs behind you.

  • Elevate your hips slightly and contract your abdominals.

  • Hold this position. Do not let your hip drop, and keep your head in line with your spine.

Step UP Levels:

  • 30 sec - Starter

  • 60 sec - Balance

  • 90 sec - Level UP

The area of the body it supports

  • Deltoideus Posterior

  • Rectus Abdominis

  • Abdominals Obliques

  • Gluteus

Types of equipment needed: None


  • Improves body flexibility

  • Strengthens your core

  • Reduces belly fat

  • Reduces backache

  • Improves metabolism

You can utilize this workout during pilates, yoga, and/or cardio exercise in the comfort of your home. To enhance your progression, try to add a side plank technique. Register for our Total Body Toning class to learn more.