• Tanika


Looking for a workout that helps to achieve proper body balance and coordination, to target areas such as your hips, legs, and buttocks? Well, look no further, let's build on those flexor muscles and better spinal health.


  1. Stand tall with a tight core and flat back.

  2. Step forward with your right foot.

  3. Bend your knees and lower your hips. Pause once your right thigh is parallel to the ground. Press through your right heel to return to the starting position.

  4. Repeat on the other side.

Step UP Levels: (in Reps)

  • 10 - Starter

  • 20 - Balance

  • 30 - Level UP (for advance results: check out our post on Box Jump Lunge)

The area of the body it supports

  • abdominals

  • back muscles

  • gluteal muscles

  • quadriceps

  • hamstrings

  • calves

Types of equipment needed: None


  • Better Muscular symmetry.

  • Helps with Stabilization

  • Improves Spinal Health

  • Increased Balance

  • Increased Core Stability

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Andrew Gibbs Jr

Junior Blog Writer