• Tanika

How to maintain a daily fitness routine

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Here are some great tips and ideas to continue to reach your fitness goals.

Regular exercise has so many benefits. It can help towards off health problems like heart disease and high blood pressure, boost your mood, and relieve stress, increase your energy, and even help you sleep better.

Here are some ways to sneak more exercise into your day.

1. Rise and Shine ----and Stretch

2. Take the scenic route (walk to the supermarket, use the stairs instead of the escalator, etc)

3. Deskercise

4. Take a 10-minute walk or jog around your neighborhood (bring a bottle of water)

5. Take advantage of technology (check out these Free Apps to help reach those daily steps (Pacer, GoogleFit, Apple Health...)

6. Set your alarm to do the things above base on your daily schedule

Activity: Try out 2-3 of the workout techniques and let us know how it has impacted your daily routine at