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Effective Chair Exercises To Do at Your Desk

Does your body ache frequently while sitting down at your desk? This could be due to sitting for a long period of time throughout the day.

Sitting or lying down for too long can lead to serious health problems such as slower metabolism, spinal injuries, weakened posture, anxiety, and depression.

Try these effective stretch exercises while working at your desk to help improve spinal mobility and strengthen your abdominal muscles.



It is time to transform your workstation! Build focus and improve productivity while doing physical techniques at work; get ready to gear up with these fitness items equipped for your workspace.

1. Stand while you work; add a sit-to-stand desk converter

2. Switch to a balance ball chair to help engage the body and mind

3. Use a bluetooth wireless headset while walking during calls and meetings

4. Invest in a chair cushion/pillow for lumbar support to strengthen your posture

5. Use a stress relief ball for hand and arm therapy during breaks

We completely understand that with a busy work schedule it can be somewhat difficult to add an extra routine throughout the day. As the saying goes, one STEP at a time so starts by adding a few of these physical techniques to your daily schedule which can be beneficial in the long run.

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