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DASH Diet: Fruits to help lower High Blood Pressure

One of the many ways to lower high blood pressure is switching to the DASH diet. Standing for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, the DASH diet focuses — exactly as the name suggests — on foods that will help take your existing blood pressure and lower them with the use of specific superfoods when used effectively in proper amounts over a long period of time, they can be even more effective and have impressive differences in your overall blood pressure counts.

There are quite a few foods out there that are part of the DASH diet and they fall into a few food groups as well as diet approaches. Here’s what you’ll need to know when it comes to a fruit-based approach to the DASH diet.

Grapes: Rich in potassium, which is required to help moderate and keep low your blood pressure, grapes are delicious, accessible, and tasty fruits that have an important role to play when enjoying the DASH diet.

Apple: These throw-able fruits are great for blood pressure because they are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants will help keep your levels in the recommended healthy range and can be used as a preventative medication as well as additional help after discovering your need for blood pressure control.

Banana: We know that sodium is bad for blood pressure. Bananas are a superfood, being very low on sodium and high in potassium — a natural lowering agent for your blood pressure overall. As far as fruits go, particularly when wanting to live with the DASH diet, bananas are critical for all of the right reasons.

Watermelon: One of the coolest things about watermelon is that it can be a great helper for your blood pressure. Rich with amino acids, this helps control levels within a healthy range. Additionally, blood is able to flow freer through your veins, and watermelon can help make the veins more flexible and aid to keep your blood movement safe, easy, and as flexible as possible.

We know that fruits are good for us and even when we don’t want to eat them all the time, we probably should. That being said, it’s neat to take a look at these particular fruits and understand why they’re important in our daily lives. Whether we are looking at this from the point of view and preventably watching your blood pressure levels, or you’re instead looking at the idea of taking charge of an existing health problem, it going to be a very much do-able approach that tastes delicious and is the perfect excuse to really explore the diverse, sweet rewarding world of fruit salad. Ready to make your body stronger and enjoy it both short-term and long-term? The DASH diet and these delicious fruits are here to lead you down the right path.

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