• Tanika

Crab Walk

This total body exercise utilizes your core and upper body to build cardio strength.


  • Sit on the ground with your knees bent and your hands behind you. Your fingers should be pointed toward your feet.

  • Elevate your hips.

  • Move your right foot and left hand forward, vise versa with the left foot and right hand

  • Aim to complete the exercise for 60 seconds with the "Starter" level.

Step UP levels:

  • 8 - Starter

  • 15 - Balance

  • 20 - Level UP

The area of the body it supports:

  • Trapezius

  • Deltoid

  • Triceps

  • Rectus Abdominis

  • Quadriceps

  • Gluteus Maximus

  • Ischiocrural group

  • Iliopsoas

Type of Equipment needed: None


  • Burn calories

  • Flexibility

  • Improves coordination

  • Tone your upper body

  • No equipment needed

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