Frequently Asked Questions

What is Step Check Fitness?

Step Check Fitness is a fitness program focused on helping individuals reach their fitness goals. We offer customized meal plans, fitness classes, workshops and much more to target your fitness goals.

How can I sign up for a free membership?

Welcome! You can sign up on

Do SCF offer virtual (livestream) sessions?

Our fitness classes are livestream. Exact times are listed on the schedule and adjust based on your time zone.

How do I stream SCF workouts?

Our classes will be hosted via ZOOM. Please make sure to download and access the latest version of the Zoom application. You can then use your mobile device, laptop, and/or computer to access the session once you have registered successfully for the class.

Where is SCF available?

Step Check Fitness is available only to residents of the United States and Canada.

What type of fitness classes do you offer?

SCF workouts offer dance and cardio classes led by a trained instructor for all fitness levels. 


  • Dance classes include: Zumba and Zumba Level UP 

  • Cardio classes include: Total body and core training

What's included in the SCF membership?

It includes exclusive FREE monthly access to our:


  • 15-min Zumba Livestream 

  • 15-min Total Body Workout Livestream

  • 50% off of a 60-min Dance Fitness Sessions*

  • Nutrition and Fitness Webinars

  • SCF Monthly Newsletter (updates on upcoming events, fitness activities, and much more...)

*valid towards one 60-Min session (Zumba and/or Zumba Level UP)

Do you offer a fitness package plan?

You can purchase and save 20% off of our 1 month, 3 months, or 6-month fitness package.

  • $16 USD (1 Month Plan): 4 fitness classes (60 min sessions)

  • $48 USD (3 Month Plan): 12 fitness classes (60 min sessions)

  • $96 USD (6 Month Plan): 24 fitness classes (60 min sessions)

Bonus, you have access to our online resources and Zumba Level UP sessions.

How do I redeem my Groupon deal?

You can purchase your Groupon deal by clicking here. Please follow the instructions below on how to register for classes once you have purchased your package:

  • Sign up for your Step Check Fitness profile account from the homepage

  • Check out the upcoming fitness classes posted on our site

  • Email (Please include your Voucher Number and the class you would like to RSVP for)

  • You can then use the access code to register for our upcoming fitness class based on your purchase package. 

How do I make payments for the fitness packages?

All payments are made via Paypal. You will receive a receipt confirmation once the payment is received.

Where can I find details about the terms of service?

Please click here to view our terms of service.

Is there somewhere I can contact you if I have any questions?

You can reach us at if you have any questions.